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Gadgets Making Work from Home more Comfortable: ZinQ Technologies

Just when we thought that the pandemic was under control and we could go back to our regular lifestyle, the second wave of Coronavirus upended everything. Now we are stuck at home again, and the situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. That means most of us will continue to work from home, and it’s not easy. Working from home comes with its set challenges which we will need to address if we want to be productive. Enabling better and more efficient productivity is one of the advantages of implementing gadgets in the workplace. So, in this article, we bring you the best business accessories you will find in this guide that have novel approaches to improving productivity and efficiency.

Mr. Arnav Mutneja, Founder, ZinQ Technologies

For keeping your laptop cool

Working from 9 oclock in the morning. Its normal for your laptop to get heated. We have got you covered by ZinQ Cool Slate. It has 5 fans, four outer large fans, and then the center wind fan and can also be used as a laptop stand providing you with the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and typing. This is a perfect companion for long classes on the laptop to keep it cool. You can buy from Amazon at just Rs. 1200.

For you to hear the teacher Loud and Clear

When you are working from home, you have to deal with all the hubbub caused by children, family members, or your flatmates. It can be hard to concentrate on work in such tumult. But thanks to the ZinQ Erupt Bluetooth active noise cancellation headphones that will no longer be a problem. These Bluetooth Headphones will help you to be hands-free and write down your notes at the same time ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, it makes podcasting at a distance with your Laptop/mobile much easier. You can buy it on Amazon at a heavy discount right now.

For an Uninterrupted Internet

For work from home, we all need high speed and uninterrupted internet. But the light can go off anytime so ZinQ UPS ensures to keep all your activities uninterrupted and gives you absolute freedom from power cuts. Whether you live in an apartment and face the 2-minute delay for the community power backup to kick in, or have that independent house where you need a power-backup for longer, ZinQ UPS comes in handy and most importantly without any disturbing sound.

For extending your connections with Computer or Laptop

With so many devices we might need something that helps to extend your USB connection to your computer. You can buy this Amazon Basic Extension Cable which is 3.3 feet; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards, and other USB computer peripherals. It is a must-have for high performance.

For Convenience

Convenience is the first thing when it comes to buying any gadget. ZinQ has a durable body with each key having at least 10 million clicks of lifespan. You can use a mouse for gaming as well as enhancing your productivity with its convenient scroller which has been made to help you scroll with absolute smoothness. Here’s a lot more to discover which you can unearth only by purchasing the device from Amazon priced at a very budget-friendly rate only for Rs. 199.

To speed up your typing game

ZinQ Technologies ZQ-1000 Spill-Resistant keyboard has quite comfortable keys with a linear press going all the way down. Multimedia keys enable quick actions, commands, and side numerical keys to make them ambidextrous. The keys are spill-proof which makes it quite safe to use. You can use the keyboard to type it for hours as it has a comfortable hand resting position. The ZinQ 1000 offers you so much more within a price that’s so budget-friendly.

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