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Forum of Indian Food Importers Brings Largest International Participation at AAHAR 2023

Business Wire India AAHAR – The International Food & Hospitality Fair” is one of the most prominent and highly recognised trade show for the sector in Asia which has also shown exponential growth since its inception.
The 37th version of AAHAR will be held at Pragati Maidan exhibition center, New Delhi from 14th to 18th March 2023. The show is organised by the Trade Promotion Organization of India (the main trade promotion agency of the Government of India) together with the support of the Ministry of Food, Processing, Agricultural and Food Products Industries Development Authority (APEDA) and industry bodies like the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI).
The highlight of this show, which has become its USP, is the international pavilion curated by FIFI. This international arena by FIFI is the largest aggregated space in the show encompassing an area of 3800 sq meters with 90 exhibitors, 640 companies, 7250 international brands, and has participation from over six countries like Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Russia, United Kingdom; and United States of America. The event underscores FIFI’s position at the forefront of industry transformation and leads the way in tackling critical issues in the sector. FIFI has a long-standing legacy as a globally trusted partner, and is a key contributor to the economic growth of agricultural, food, and beverage sector in country. 
“With India’s G20 presidency, year 2023 is of great value for all of us, the show is without a doubt going to serve as a critical opportunity to convene the global F&B industry in the first quarter of 2023, and is an opportune platform to demonstrate how Indian businesses have re-engineered themselves in line with the global trends. In a world full of competition food and beverage sector foresees great growth potential. But to activate this we need to unlock the global mindset and work together in coherence with countries of the world for a mutually beneficial business and sustainable trade growth,” says Amit Lohani, Founder Director of FIFI. Upon being asked how FIFI is able to accomplish such a feat he further added, “It is with the support of the enthusiastic FIFI core team and dynamic members that we have been able to curate this meaningful platform for bilateral trade. Each exhibitor tries to add value to the engagement by including chef demonstrations, live sampling, knowledgeable interactions, awards, lucky draws, and many other activities. We warmly welcome all the stakeholders to walk the FIFI exposition to see what the world has to offer.”
The show is expected to draw in more than 80,000 visitors from all over the world. The event will feature over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of products and services, including food and beverages, catering equipment, packaging solutions, kitchen appliances, and more. “We are thrilled to be hosting AAHAR 2023 in New Delhi,” said Manoj Dugar, Director of Dugar Overseas Pvt Ltd. “The event provides a unique platform for companies in the food and hospitality industry to showcase their products and services, as well as to network and collaborate with other players in the sector.”
The exhibition will also feature a series of seminars, workshops, and panel discussions on the latest trends and technologies in the food and hospitality industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts and industry leaders, as well as to share their own experiences and insights. “AAHAR is more than just an exhibition – it’s a platform for innovation, learning, and growth,” added Mr. Manoj Dugar. “We are confident that the event will help to drive the growth of the food and hospitality industry in South Asia and beyond.”
Drawing participation from across the globe that hold interest in bilateral trade with India also includes first time participants from several countries – India’s biggest trade show for F&B sector provides importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and buyers with an ideal platform to explore opportunities, expand trade ties, and share know-how about best practices in the industry. Among other countries, Canada has a strong presence and long standing relationship with the AAHAR trade show. “The promising F&B sector potential between India and Canada topped with the strong platform created by FIFI, leads to continued interest from the businesses from both the countries,” says Mr Nitin Verma, Trade Commissioner of Canada to India. “Bilateral trade dynamics between both the countries have been progressing for the past several years. And we look forward to receiving stakeholders at the Canadian pavilion to advance the trade relationships.”

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