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First EP of Alpha 55 “My Moon” Releasing Today

UK based Techno House record Label released the Latest Melodic House EP named “My Moon” by Alpha 55 a new age music and experience creator who has been a known name in the music circuit for more than a decade now. Alpha 55 is exclusively managed worldwide by ArtistConnect.in.

“My Moon” by Alpha 55

With a 6-track compilation, listeners will be immersed with an experience of tracks ranging from melodic techno numbers to soft and soothing tracks with elements and inspirations of the blue sea and its ambience. Special tracks with experimental exploration is also a part of this EP as Alpha 55 believes diving into the world of new and unheard is a way forward for the future of music and the experiences it provides to its listeners.

“Those days are gone when your sun was shining let me remind you my dear my moon is brighter than your Sun”

For our world, the last two years had been a defining time where a change in perspective of our approach towards life had inspired everyone of us and more so our creators to define the essence of life and dive into the unexplored.

The affirmative words of defining our Moon stands out as the most needed voice of the hour and Alpha 55 has exactly done that with the words and the sound of music complimenting the narration of a story that are sure to sync inside you for a long time once you hear these amazing tracks.

This first EP is a hard labour of months of sleepless nights with creative dreams by Alpha 55 and they believe their music will be the “Healer of the soul” in this testing time and all times to come.

With a vision to create mass appealing content which would also provide each listener in finding a space for themselves and relive their story through music. Alpha 55 looks serious in the business with their approach and is here to create more musical stories for the world.

Alpha 55 is exclusively managed and launched by ArtistConnect.in, a Bangalore based Artist and Brand Management platform through its flagship programme of providing opportunities to artists and creators across the globe.

Dont forget to check out “My Moon” right here by clicking this link www.beatport.com/release/my-moon/3477053. The music will also be available across multiple platforms in the coming time.

Happy listening!

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