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Equitas Small Finance Bank’s Video Features a Pavement Dweller’s Inspiring Journey to Self-Reliance

Ms. Shanthi, 38, was among the thousands of ‘faceless’ pavement dwellers of Chennai, till about a couple of years ago. Today, Mrs. Shanthi is an inspiration to many from her humble beginnings as a pavement dweller, often begging for food, she has come a long way towards being a strong and resilient woman.

Equitas Small Finance Banks Video Features a Pavement Dwellers Inspiring Journey to Self-Reliance

She has a place to call her home and, to her immense relief, to provide a secure shelter for her teenage daughter. She has her own job as a contract worker for Indian Railways and feels that she is very close to realizing her dream of getting her daughter married to a suitable groom.

Circle of Life – A Pavement Dwellers Journey for Identity | Beyond Banking | Equitas Bank

The video of her story, Identity (www.youtube.com/watchv=8-bp73VseoY), the first of a web series called Circle of Life, just launched by Equitas Small Finance Bank, strikes a chord with the viewers as a message of hope, positivity, and transformation. It’s all made possible by an 18-month intervention project of the bank: Bird’s Nest – Pavement Dweller Rehabilitation program.

Equitas invests 5% of its net profit back in the community through its sustainable social initiatives. The Birds Nest project has so far rehabilitated over 2000 pavement dwellers in Chennai since 2007 when the bank commenced its operations as a microfinance. The Birds Nest programme provided housing, food security, healthcare, livelihood skill development, and supplemental education over an 18-month period – ultimately placing the beneficiaries on the path to self-sufficiency by getting them a job or setting up a sustainable livelihood opportunity.

Shanthi calls the bank her “mother’s home”. The bank calls it ‘giving back’ to the society that makes banking possible. By choosing to bank with Equitas, you not only earn higher interest but also help make a difference in the lives of people. The ‘Circle of Life’ series is set to feature such stories of transformation to drive home the point that money can be used as a force for good. The web series is available on the social media platforms of Equitas Small Finance Bank to spread hope in times of uncertainty.

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