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Entrepreneur, Social Activist Turned Influencer and Author Dr. Suhani Mendonsa to Launch Her New Book – 1551: Your Story

Entrepreneur and Social Activist turned influencer Dr. Suhani Mendonsa is launching her new book “1551: Your Story”. She has already started her journey as an author by contributing a chapter to the book ‘Bloom To Gloom’ and 1551 is her solo venture where she encapsulates her entire journey which has been a joyful rollercoaster ride. Through the book she aims to inspire and bring forward the highlights of her life so that people especially youngsters can be positively impacted and they get inspired to live their dreams to the fullest. Dr. Suhani MendonsaDr. Suhani transformed her life from being a rebellious and fiercely independent girl, into an entrepreneur who is not only confident, adventurous and vibrant but also empathetic towards society. Since the age of 13, she felt the need to attain financial independence and through her sheer grit, she made it a reality. By the age of 15, she broke all the norms of belonging to an extremely orthodox Gujarati middle-class family she started earning her money. Her work experience between the age of 15 and 22 years covered all kinds of jobs like being a mehendi artist, entertainer at birthday parties, singer and choreographer, gave private tuitions, and even worked backstage for fashion shows and various marketing jobs. Conducting market surveys, door-to-door marketing, being a sales girl, and marketing products at gas pumps and traffic lights are all examples of previous experience. These early experiences helped her transform as an entrepreneur, social activist, mentor, and guide.At the age of 22, she pioneered a game show Karaoke Antakshari within the same period cracked her first wedding event assignment which became her forte. She managed events ranging from stage shows fashion shows, art shows to Fundraisers, talk shows, corporate events, and book launches through her company Yellow Spider Events. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the events industry came to a standstill. Reinventing herself, Dr. Suhani the lifestyle influencer was born. In just two years, she has achieved a massive follower count of 48K through her sheer determination and hard work. Starting her journey as an influencer after the pandemic, Dr. Suhani has already worked with prestigious clients like Padmashree Dr. Mukesh Batra, Goeld Frozen Foods, 108 Bespoke, Cacao Bleu, Skinsense, Timus Lifestyle and many more. Her next goal is to attain 100K followers within the next year.Nearly three decades of experience in her contact sphere aided emerging brands in spreading awareness, building trust, and reaching their target audiences. She works with entrepreneurs to connect with prospects so the brands can attract more business.Speaking about her journey, Dr. Suhani said, “Connecting, meeting, networking, building, and maintaining relationships is something I firmly believe in. Being an avid networker, I and my husband along with other entrepreneurs within my contact sphere started our own networking meeting with a unique concept called SUVEE’S POWER MEET. It has created opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs to come together and explore potential collaborations.”Dr. Suhani is the project manager at Mendonsa Foundation where the tagline is ‘Sky is the limit’, celebrating 25 years of giving back to society. In her early teenage years attending environmental activist Bittu Saghal talks at Hornbill House, supporting and working with Medha Pathkar for Narmada Bachao Andolan gave her the strength to get involved in various social activities and help people when most required. Mrs. Parvin Jehangir was her great inspiration and influenced on her, her then neighbor, who was actively involved in activities like these. Dr. Suhani says that care, empathy, and social awareness show how philanthropists walk through the darkness and create a better future for others.Due to her persistent efforts, Dr. Suhani has been awarded on multiple occasions. Some of her noteworthy awards are:Mahatma Gandhi Award for Social Service (London)Star 2021Don Bosco Award for Corona Warrior (DBDS)The Lion’s Award for Philanthropy (Mumbai)The Hope BuilderRex Karmaveer Award in New Delhi (scheduled in October)Throughout her journey, her mother served as her biggest source of support, motivation, and inspiration. She is also extremely grateful to her best friend and husband, Dr. Vivek Mendosa, who always stood by her decisions. Dr. Suhani believes that her relationship with her husband has helped her to grow as a person and revealed secrets about her personality that were unknown to her. It is also her firm belief that life changes when one gets married but one’s life is not their own when they have children especially if they are born with congenital issues leading to several surgeries which was what exactly happened with Dr. Suhani. But being a mother, she faced all of that effortlessly and it in turn made her stronger. Motherhood taught her that tough times dont last but tough people do. Balancing family, profession, social work, friends and most importantly taking time out for oneself was only possible in her case because of the fantastic support system of her family, friends, staff and her amazing team. She quotes “Life happens to all of us just the way we respond to it”To know more: www.instagram.com/suhanimendonsa.

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