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Employees No Longer Need to Wait for SaaS Apps and License Approvals as Zluri Launches The Employee App Store

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The App Store lets the employees choose their SaaS apps/licenses and automates the approval process for IT teams.
The App Store helps IT teams automate their SaaS approval process.

Zluri, an award-winning SaaS management platform that helps businesses optimize their SaaS stack, has launched a new feature, “Employee App Store”, to automate the SaaS apps & license approval process via self-service.

Employee App Store enables employees to request licenses and track the approval status. If the company doesn’t use the app, then employees can request a new app instead of a license.

With the growing adoption of SaaS, IT teams are burdened with voluminous IT tickets for SaaS licenses and apps. The whole requisition, approval, and revocation process can be cumbersome and extremely time-consuming if done manually. Additionally, this waiting time frustrates employees to an extent where they purchase apps without IT’s consent, bringing in risky shadow apps.

With the Employee app store, The IT team also gets full control over what apps should go into the app store. And with all SaaS purchases happening transparently, there is no place for shadow IT and SaaS sprawl.

Features of Employee App Store


Fully configurable approval process for IT teams – Depending on the configuration, licenses can be auto-approved for apps that are widely used across the organization.
Helps employees make decisions – Information such as app compliance and security status and cost-effective alternatives are present in the employee dashboard.
Collaborative and transparent approval processes: Employees can track real-time approval/disapproval status with comments.
Integration with 650+ apps and zero-touch automation enables employees to start using the apps immediately after the license is approved.
Automatically de-provisions licenses from employees once the requested license term expires.
Interlinked with Zluri’s SaaS buying service to procure new SaaS contracts at the best possible pricing if the app is not in the company’s SaaS stack.

Chaithanya Yambari, one of the co-founders of Zluri, said, “At Zluri, we have always strived to resolve the challenges of procuring, provisioning, and managing SaaS applications, by utilizing automation and AI. Built with the same ideology, the Employee App Store truly simplifies the tasks of provisioning and de-provisioning apps, creating a ticketless IT ecosystem for organizations. It streamlines and automates the process entirely with an advanced rule engine. Additionally, our contextual insights help approvers take quicker decisions, reducing time spent on the SaaS apps/license approval process.”

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