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Easy and Reliable Door Operating System for the Hospitality Industry

One of the key features for a hotel is the easy and reliable door operating system. In line with this, Hfele has introduced Prolock, a new electronic access control and identification system. The system makes it simpler to organise effective procedures for hotels, providing maximum convenience for guests and operators. Easily scalable access points, any number of users and locking plans coordinated with individual requirements; these features in combination with a comprehensive on-site service bring to life a customized access control management system, engineered by Hfele.

Hafele Prolock Electronic Access Control System

The new access control series presents two innovative models: PL 200 and PL 50. Achieve seamless aesthetics with the Prolock PL 200. Along with its minimalist build, this premium lock offers impressive functionality, providing optimum ease to the user as well as the operator. The Prolock PL 50, brings to you a classic design loaded with technologically advanced features that ensure effortless operations. Economically priced, this lock is the go-to product, if you are looking for an elegant amalgamation of form and function.

The Prolock Electronic Access Control System offers numerous benefits: Using a single key card the guest can open all doors and areas that are intended for him. The credit card-sized key is configured for touch-free operations with reliable data communication. The user can define the doors which the guests, the room service employees and the management are allowed to unlock. If one wishes, he/she can also specify the day of the week and the time. Almost anything that you can lock and unlock can be controlled using Prolock through its central software.

The new series does not just adapt itself to the size of your hotel. It also determines the scope of functionality, completely in accordance with your convenience and security requirements. From interfaces for building services or billing systems in the wellness area to the hotel bar, and much more; Prolock is every bit tailor-made to suit varied requirements.

From planning and tendering to order processing, onsite support and hand-over, Hfele’s unique 360Project Services team coordinates every facet of your project. This allows Hafele to walk the length of the entire project duration by aiding and supporting one at every stage.

For more details, please visit: www.hafeleindia.com.

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