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Digital Asia Summit Concludes Successfully; Over 1300 People Attended from 20 Countries

The biggest virtual marketing event – Digital Asia Summit concluded on a high note. The conference was held from August 6-8 on Airmeet. The conference saw over 2100 registrations and more than 1300 people attended from over 20 countries. The event packed in sessions, panel discussions and over 20 masterclasses for all attendees.

Digital Asia Summit 2021 – Copywriting – Quality Over Quantity

A summit of great marketing minds and aspirants, this conference was a podium to discuss key changes the business environment might witness in a post-pandemic world. Industry veterans from all over the world got together to talk and share their valuable insights.

Sandy Carter, Vice President, Amazon Web Services was a key speaker at the event. Her session ‘Driving Innovation in a Digital World’ was full of great insights. “Innovation is about empathy. You need to obsess over your customers, create a culture where innovation is part of the DNA and make sure that you are curious and asking the right questions,” she shared during her fully-packed session.

The conference gathered all marketing geniuses to talk about pertinent topics that would help marketing professionals and aspirants to navigate through the industry, given the radical changes it is facing post-pandemic.

On the second day of the event, Perry Marshall, world-renowned author and business consultant also graced the occasion to speak about Google Ads – one of the biggest enigmas. “The thing about Google Ads is, there isn’t enough time in the universe to optimize everything. If you polish the 5-20 percent that produces the 80-95 percent of the results, then you are more likely to produce results,” he shared during his keynote address.

The final day of the conference was packed with back-to-back sessions and 9 masterclasses. One of them ‘How to grow your revenue with outbound sales’ was helmed by Sujan Patel of the well-known sales engagement platform Mailshake. Sujan shared why outbound sales were still relevant and will always be. “Cold outreach gives you the opportunity to put yourself out there and make the best possible first impression. With outbound sales you can test faster, fail faster. So instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you can go to them.”

Along with age-old marketing tools, fresh concepts were also discussed. Tara Nolan of Havas Media Group spoke about Sustainable Marketing. She spoke on how the paradigms were shifting and the new breed of conscious marketers was rapidly coming to the fore. “It’s very clear that the business of business is changing, and it’s not just about shareholder value and making a big buck, it is about the full well-being of employees and all the talent that you have, of yourself, your work-life balance, of society at large and of course the planet,” she shared.

“The pandemic has forced many businesses to choose the digital route to sell their products. It is the need of the hour for business owners to embrace and learn the ropes of digital marketing. An initiative like Digital Asia Summit is a great way for business owners and marketers to come together and gain insights that can help boost their business,” said Vaibhav Sisinty, Chief Growth Hacker, Sisinty.com.

As per Anuj Agrawal, Community Lead, Digital Asia Summit, “During these 3 days, the attendees got a never-before opportunity to listen to first-hand experiences, tips and hacks of some of the most well-known entrepreneurs, industry leaders and marketing professionals. This was the first edition in which the response we received was three times more than expected. We aim to build Digital Asia, one of the biggest communities of digital marketing professionals around the world.”

The event got a grand response and it is going to be one of the most coveted industry events annually. The event was supported by partners like Airmeet, Growspell, Balsamiq, Digital Agency Network, DAN Institute, WYN Studio, NewsVoir, Queerest, Indibni, MICA, MIIC-MNIT, and Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science.

To stay updated about Digital Asia’s upcoming webinars and events, please visit: www.digitalasiasummit.com.

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