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Dell Technologies Is Advancing Sustainability Through EcoLoop™ Carrying Cases, the Exterior Fabric for Which Is Made from 100 Percent Ocean-Bound Plastics

Business Wire IndiaDell Technologies puts sustainability at the core of everything that it does, setting strong commitments and taking the right actions to reduce the environmental impact and drive positive outcomes for business and society. From how the company makes innovative products to what the customers, partners, and communities can do with them, the company’s technology is helping to create a better, more sustainable future.

Several initiatives have been put into place to steer sustainable practices. One such initiative is the promise to reuse or recycle an equal product for every product the company sells, helping to reduce e-waste by keeping products and materials in the circular economy for as long as possible.
Underpinning Dell Technologies’ pursuit of designing a sustainable tomorrow, Nidhi Hola, Country Marketing Director, Dell Technologies, says, “Keeping in mind the rising climate concerns, businesses today cannot stay indifferent towards sustainable practices but should make them a significant part of the organization’s culture. At Dell Technologies, we are committed to a sustainable future that is built on innovation. With eco-conscious designs in our products and solutions, we are poised to make a positive impact on the planet.”

Steering sustainable innovation with EcoLoopTM
Dell Technologies is advancing sustainability through an innovative range of carrying cases, EcoLoopTM – designed to reduce ocean-bound plastics. EcoLoopTM represents a commitment to preserving natural resources, reducing carbon footprint, and recycling ocean-bound plastic to protect marine life.
The recent campaign, #TurningTidesForGood, highlights the same while taking the audience on a journey to how Dell EcoLoopTM cases are built. Narrated by an environmental enthusiast, Sreeji Gopinathan, CIO, Lupin, the video takes the audience deep into the ocean while showcasing the alluring marine life and helping the audience realize how everyone is connected to the planet. It also elucidates the making of the bags and their transition from ocean-bound plastic to convenient laptop bags.
Check out the campaign video here.
One can also follow the campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

So, what makes these carrying cases so unique?
The exterior main fabric of select carrying cases is made with 100% ocean-bound plastic1 from up to 11 recycled plastic bottles2. Apart from that, the dyeing process of the bags generates 90% less wastewater, up to 62% less CO2 emissions, and uses up to 29% less energy3. Dell EcoLoop™ carrying cases deliver both style and functionality so that users can travel with peace of mind.
Dell Technologies is pioneering sustainability
Dell Technologies is driving innovation and investing in design, manufacturing, sustainable materials, and services to dramatically reduce global waste and environmental impact on the planet and society. The company is harnessing unique size, scale, and reach to be a leader and industry enabler with the goal to redesign, reuse, and recycle end-to-end technology towards a better future.

Know more about Dell Technologies’ sustainable initiatives, here.
1 Made from OceanCycle CertifiedTM Ocean-bound plastic. Ocean-bound plastic is waste collected within 50 kilometers (30 miles) of an ocean coastline or major waterway.
2 Plastic bottle estimate assumes a 500 ml plastic water bottle.
3 https://www.dell.com/en-in/dt/corporate/social-impact/advancing-sustainability.ht

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