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County Foundation Initiates “Door Step COVID Assistance” Program, Multiple In-house Vaccination Camps for Patrons and Workforce

While the whole country is fighting the scare of coronavirus and struggling to get slots for vaccination, real estate developer ABA Corp through its CSR arm County Foundation has taken notable steps to safeguard and help the residents from the spread of virus. The foundation has enabled a door-step service at its residential project Cleo County. With this service, they aim to provide all essential items and COVID resources to the residents at the comfort of their doorstep. The group has also organised two vaccination drives for the residents and staff members in which over 1200 people have received their first jab.

A resident of Cherry County after getting her first jab

The residents have been provided with the following facilities at Cleo County –

Oxygen Support – A total of 25 oxygen cylinders of 46 litre capacity each and 10 oxygen concentrators are provided to the residents for oxygen support. Refilling facility of empty oxygen cylinders is also being provided to the residents.

Availability of ambulance, wheelchairs and stretchers – For emergency situations, a dedicated space for ambulance is provided for any/every hospital in the vicinity. Numerous wheelchairs and stretchers are also kept on standby for each tower to carry patients in case of emergency.

Designated staff for sanitisation, and COVID garbage disposal – A dedicated team of 10 members is responsible for regular sanitisation of the property. Complete premises are being sanitised every three hours. Additional to this, a special team of 6 members is working towards the collection and disposal of garbage produced by COVID infected households. The team is provided with all required safety gear like PPE kits, gloves, masks, face shield etc. A designated team of 5 members working on a COVID central unit can be reached out by the residents through intercoms in case of any requirements or queries.

Isolated hutments for on-site workers

Special COVID isolated hutments have been constructed for the workers at the on-going construction sites with a make-shift kitchen facility. The workers are completely isolated and entry to these hutments is restricted. The workers are provided with three meals a day and two beverage (chai) breaks. All the items are prepared in-house with proper hygiene in the hutment kitchen following the social distancing norms. The workers are also provided with all the hygiene essential items such as soap, detergent, shampoo, oil etc. Standby COVID resources like medical kit, oxygen cylinders and concentrators are also being made available on-ground for the workers in case of any exigency.

Vaccination Drives

The group through its CSR arm County Foundation tied up with Fortis Noida to conduct two vaccination drives at its housing societies – Cherry County and Cleo County where over 1200 people were vaccinated.

Talking about the initiatives, Mr. Amit Modi, Director, ABA Corp & President (Elect), CREDAI, Western UP shares, “Keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the residents and neighbours, we decided to opt out of any central COVID isolation ward which might put others on risk of contracting the virus and have chosen to provide door-to-door service of all the essential COVID resources like oxygen support in the form of cylinders and concentrators, wheelchairs, stretchers, ambulance services etc. We truly believe that setting up beds in a common area has the potential to spread the virus even more, besides the inconvenience residents may face outside there “home care”, so doorstep assistance is our way forward. Apart from this regular temperature monitoring and sanitisation of society complex, common areas as well as the COVID facility is being done to avoid spread of the virus. In these tough times, its important to fight in solidarity and win this battle together. We pray for speedy recovery of every individual suffering from the virus and hope that we all come out of this situation soon.”

Cherry County
Being the first in Greater Noida (W), Cherry County organised an in-house vaccination drive for its residents. The County Foundation set up the paid vaccination camp at a time when people were struggling to get slots at government sites due to the shortage of doses.

The group housing society had asked the residents to register for the vaccination, and nearly 700 registrations were received for the drive event.

Binoy Das, Head, Cherry County said, “We have provided the space to Fortis in the central Banquet Hall. It is a great initiative as people were worried about the shortage of vaccines. Apart from vaccination, we are following all the corona guidelines of hygiene in society. We are paying utmost attention to regular sanitization, social distancing, and regular temperature checking.”

Cleo County
The vaccination camp at Cleo County went on for two and a half days in which a total of 884 people were given Covishield jabs including 386 residents and 498 staff members.

The residents were asked to register themselves for the vaccination and 500+ registrations were received for the drive event.

Gaurav Massih, Property Head, Cleo County said, “The vaccination camp was set up at the Club Cascade. We laud the initiative undertaken by the County Foundation to provide vaccination to the residents and staff members of the society since people were worried about the shortage. Along with the vaccination, other safety precautions are strictly being followed in the society premises to contain the spread of the virus. Close attention is being paid to regular sanitisation, maintenance of social distancing and frequent temperature checks.”

The cost of the vaccination was INR 1050/- per dose, this amount included the INR 200/- per dose charged by Fortis as administration charges for in-house vaccination services.

The CSR arm County Foundation is also facilitating vaccination for all its employees including third party frontline workers including its vendors like Housekeeping, Guards, Facility Management workers, during the in-campus vaccination drive. The County Foundation is also in conversation with the relevant authorities to expand the scope of vaccination for all its construction workers once there is abundant vaccine availability in the market.

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