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CoinFantasy Chain Wars: The Biggest Battle for Crypto Supremacy

Business Wire IndiaThe world’s first invest-gaming platform, CoinFantasy, is sleighing the IPL season as it has launched the massive club-based tournament of the season- ‘Chain Wars’. This premium game mode provides an epic, fun, and rewarding experience for over 2500 players worldwide. The tournament allows players to choose their favorite club and fight for it.
“Blockchain games often evoke fantasies of competitive realms where immersive experiences and exclusive rewards await. However, the reality has yet to meet everyone’s expectations in this evolving concept fully. With ‘Chain Wars’, we aim to provide users with an unparalleled gaming experience that surpasses all their gaming aspirations,” stated Harishkarthik Gunalan, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFantasy.
“Our meticulously organized Chain Wars tournament entertains and educates players while offering substantial rewards. It represents a groundbreaking fusion of gaming & Investing, making it a pioneering game in its own right. Although it is a premium game requiring a modest entry fee, the rewards far exceed the investment,” he further emphasized.
CoinFantasy’s Chain Wars is a premium tournament exclusively happening for PRO ZONE PASS holders. It creates the biggest chance for gamers and crypto enthusiasts to submerge in the blockchain race with a gaming twist. The tournament takes players to the next level of gaming where they can compete with the opponents directly. Their goal is to do deep analysis and top the leaderboard.
The Chain Wars tournament involves five clubs: AVAX Super Kings, ETH Devils, POLYGON Kings, ARBITRUM Titans, ROYAL BNB Challengers. Each club accepts only 500 members, and the competition takes place through matches between the clubs. To succeed, players must select a club and create their own portfolio. The winning club will be chosen based on the portfolios’ overall performance. All members of the winning club will receive rewards. Additionally, exceptional players will be recognized as ‘Man of the Tournament’, ‘Man of the Club’ and ‘Man of the Match’. The total prize pool for the tournament is 3500 USDT.
Players have to get the PRO ZONE ACCESS card to enter the premium arena. This Access card comes with a handful of benefits like entry into the prozone area, easy withdrawal, and unlimited game access. 
In Chain Wars, there will be 20 matches played between teams. Players need to create portfolio and participate in the game pool specific to their club. They should monitor their club tournaments and adjust their choices and prices accordingly. If players forget to update their tokens for the next game pool, their previously set portfolio with the multipliers will be used.
How to Play
Selecting the Club: Each club operates as an ecosystem where various coins are listed on the chain. Players have to select the chain with the token that they find the most thrilling. They should become a member of that team and strive for its triumph.
Creating Master Portfolio: Once players have joined the club, it’s time to create their master portfolio. They should select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 tokens from low, mid, and high-cap coins available within the team. Analyze the price movement of the tokens and set the multiplier to increase their points. It’s important to note that the tokens will be locked exactly 15 minutes before the game starts, so any necessary changes should be made beforehand to avoid last-minute complications.
The players of the club that make the accurate analysis will be declared the winners at the end of the tournament. Clubs and players will stand a chance to win rewards up to 3500 USDT.
Chain Wars is currently live and accessible on the official CoinFantasy website. Players can acquire the PRO ZONE PASS and participate in the tournament. The club versus club matches will commence on May 18, 2023. To stay updated on this exciting event and enjoy the game pool, please follow CoinFantasy’s official social media accounts: 
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