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Bollywood Scriptwriter Turned Author Sahar Quaze Brings a Breath of Fresh Air for Bookworms

Business Wire India ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Love in Between’, published by Vishwakarma Publications, will be released in the month of November and available pan India from November 10th. Pre-booking of the book starts from 24th October. The book is Sahar’s labour of love. She spent seven years working on this book.

Do people these days only fall for glitz, glamour and money? Or do they delve deep into the myriad avenues that true love can bring forth? Heart, mind and soul – are they intricately designed to merge the bond of love? Or are they just futile showpieces in the modern materialistic world? Sahar Quaze’s upcoming book, ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Love in Between,’ questions the very foundation of modern love as she searches for that one true meaning of love, going into the labyrinth of memories and feelings.

The book speaks on love blossoming through different angles, love that can happen even holding an old T-shirt once gifted by one’s mother that makes us feel safer even today, love in spending moments with loved ones, with those who are special in lives. And the loved one finds in such moments makes emotions more intense. Unfortunately, modern times have a different take on love.

The book, co-authored with National Award-winning writer Faraaz Kazi is indeed an eye-opener for the youths of today, who seem to have forgotten the beauty of long-lasting relationships, thanks to the changed social dynamics and invasion of the internet. Love these days is hard to find, yet it is there for sure, and the book will truly motivate readers to look at life and love from a different perspective, as Sahar weaves characters encountered in real life and puts them into her stories. A unique style where she blends fiction and reality.

Her other book, Humans of Nurture Life, projects the life stories of 25 real warriors whom Sahar interviewed during her Talk Show named ‘Nurture Life Talks with Sahar’ in collaboration with India’s leading Mental Health NGO, Nurture Life India. This book got released worldwide in October. She began her journey as an author in Hindi, a language that happens to be her mother tongue and Sahar’s first Hindi Short Story book Chhoti Si Kahhani Thii, got rave reviews and a huge readership. The book is already in its 2nd edition.

Sahar Quaze is a shining example of an Indian girl who had her dreams intact and learnt to follow them, turning her into one of the best storytellers on the scene. While ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Love in Between,’ is a path-breaking book questioning the very foundation of modern love intricately playing around characters with whom every reader will be able to relate quite easily. They are all around us. Only their tales needed to be told. Sahar has done exactly that. 

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