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Bizom’s New Solutions for CPG Provide Deeper Insights into Distribution & People Management

Bizom, a leading retail intelligence platform, launched smart solutions to bring greater efficiency to the distribution system and people management processes of consumer goods companies.

The new normal and impending future COVID-19 waves are shaping the CPG industry in inconceivable ways. Still, CPG brands have adapted quickly by adopting digital technologies to transform their supply chain and operations in markets.

Consumers have also changed their shopping behaviours, and newer business models like D2R2C are gaining more popularity. In these altered retail ecosystems, businesses with deeper retail intelligence and insights will gain greater market share faster.

CPG brands recognise that to become data- and insights-driven organisations, their teams, distributors, channel partners and retailers must digitise their operations. These brands are beginning to automate vital aspects of their market operations such as merchandising, audits and surveys. They are increasingly basing their strategies on real-time intelligence.

Bizom has been enabling CPG brands by digitising their backstream supply chain for over a decade now. During the heights of the pandemic in the last two years, the SaaS company built several solutions to automate field force operations and enable direct engagement between retailers and consumer goods brands.

With its new smart products, Bizom will enable advanced automation around merchandising, market surveys, retail outlet audits, asset management, people management and market access.

Lalit Bhise, Bizom’s CEO and Founder said, “Consumer goods brands across the globe are at an inflexion point where growth will come only through advanced digital transformation and access to deeper, real-time retail intelligence. Our smart solutions offer greater market control, remote retail execution and adoption of data-driven operations for CPG brands. The real-time insights gained from these solutions can drive market expansion for these brands like no other solutions in today’s tech space.”

Bizom’s new solutions that promise to bring deeper market insights and retail intelligence include:

Bizom Find My Product enables consumers to find their preferred product of the CPG brand from a retail outlet nearest to them.

Bizom Power 2 People offers CPG brands with mobile-based attendance, leave and claims tracking capabilities, including processing claims remotely, sales gamification, on-the-job training and real-time insights on people management.

Bizom Smart Merchandising makes it easy for brands to capture and validate data of in-store promotions, including product availability, product facings, pricing, promotions and planogram, along with display and shelf management and quality control.

Bizom Smart Asset Management provides brands with complete visibility through real-time insights on performance, status and maintenance of their assets placed in the market. It includes detection of out-of-stock SKUs, their size and placement.

Bizom Market Pulse ensures the success of the marketing and market expansion plans of CPG brands by surveying the brand’s target audiences. The solution provides real-time data collection and data-based retail intelligence and insights that are easy to implement.

Bizom Retail Audit can conduct independent audits of a store, a distributor’s warehouse or a manufacturing plant and track and monitor hygiene, product quality and safety compliances.

Trade Financing automates supply chain financing access for CPG brands to bring greater efficiency around cash flow at different stages of their supply chain and boost sales.


About Bizom

Bizom, a Mobile first, SaaS-based suite of automation solutions, is the retail intelligence platform for brands and their retailers.

We are leaders in providing insights and intelligence to CPG brands in India and emerging markets and are now making inroads into markets in Europe and other developed markets. We help brands achieve smart distribution by improving their manpower efficiency, channel performance and product performance.

We achieve this by helping businesses first digitize their entire sales and supply chain and later help them move from a push-based distribution to a pull-based distribution using solutions that facilitate assisted and inspired selling.

Its customers include international brands such as Shell, Bidco, Binzagr, Cargill, Lactalis, Heineken, Reckitt-Benckiser, Hershey’s, Nivea as well as top Indian brands such as Parag Milk Foods, Parle Agro, Jyothy Laboratories Limited, JK Helene-Curtis among a fast-growing list of over 500 brands.

For more information, please visit: bizom.in/retail-intelligence.

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