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AUTOGRIP India Service Center Marks a Major Milestone in Market Competitiveness

Business Wire IndiaAUTOGRIP, Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of power chucks/rotary cylinders, is now ushering in the establishment of its India service center located in Mumbai. The mission of this new base in India is to provide customers with more immediate and comprehensive support, which is a milestone for AUTOGRIP to enter the India market.

Founded in 1989, AUTOGRIP machinery has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic clamping solutions for lathe, milling, and special purpose machines. Their product lines include power chucks, collet chucks, rotary cylinders, facing heads, synchronous clamps, and rotary valves. Now AUTOGRIP has two factories based in Taiwan with a ground area 23,000 square meters and a shop floor area over 15,000 square meters. Equipped with advanced machine tools and facilities, AUTOGRIP has built a complete in-house production line from 3-inch chucks up to 79-inch chucks. In past decade, AUTOGRIP’s products are well known among customers in the East Asia region as they have successfully captured a significant market share among machine builders in Taiwan and China. Not content with the current status, AUTGRIP now competes with all well-known brands in the global market more aggressively.

According to the director of AUTOGRIP India service center, Mr. Brijesh C Patel, AUTOGRIP has started to cooperate with several India lathe makers to supply chucks and cylinders as standard components since 2018. Although sales declined during Covid-19, it is now recovering with a surge in inquiries from customers. AUTOGRIP India service center was established at the perfect time to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. In addition, the 2,000 sq. ft. Morbi warehouse is also located in a strategic area in Gujarat, where it is ideally positioned to serve the OEM cluster in the Rajkot area.

Next step, AUTOGRIP is planning to establish a production base in India. AUTOGRIP’s vice president Victor Chen says that they have acquired 2 acres of land in Origins by Mahindra world city in North Chennai, Tamil Nadu. As the impact of the epidemic fades away and the trend of reshaping of the global supply chain system, this investment marked the determination of AUTOGRIP to expand their business in the India machine tool industry.


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