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As the World Opens Up, a Resurgence of Fragrances Awaits

Business Wire IndiaThe spree of lockdowns in the last year brought with it a new normal as people learned to deal with the realities of the pandemic. It naturally led to a change in consumer behaviour, purchasing patterns, personal hygiene choices, indulgence and more. Now, with the arrival of a festive season and the ‘opening up’ of the world around us, there is a resurgence in the perfumes and deodorants market. ENVY has led with new and innovative products during the slump period encouraging more and more users to use body sprays and perfumes with a wide variety of fragrances offered to budget and new product formats that catch the imagination of Gen Z and Millennials.

Deodorants and perfumes changed from an accessory to wear outside of the house to a self-care and pampering element for users. Premium perfumes and deodorants are among popular choices of gifts for a loved one. The rising degree of awareness around personal hygiene is a direct result of the consumer awareness that has been drawn from the socialization, or restricted socialization, of people. Smelling good is a sign not just of freshness, but also of energy, confidence and being in control of one’s surroundings.

Building onto that same vein of thought, consumers are inclined more towards being presentable, sweat-free, odor-free in a now-open world. Perfumes and deodorants such as the exclusive line of products from ENVY offer a choice selection to users for a 24-hour freshness companion. ENVY went a step ahead to cater to the convenience of the users by coming out with a unique range of pocket perfumes so that one can be ready for any situation and encounter and be at their absolute best in the on-the-go lifestyle.

Male users conventionally have been shown to use the body sprays at a much larger scale in this time period driven predominantly by the selection and range of scents available to them. ENVY has carried on with presenting its signature French perfumes and body sprays to embolden the style and expression of a transforming time.

In the festive season, one can choose the exclusive fragrances to come from the house of ENVY. There is a host of options that the perfume house has released which are selling like hotcakes.

Oud Luxure for Men has rich, dark and enchanting fragrances that leave a deep essence with every use. Sophisticated and complex, Oud Luxure is a premium pick for a perfume collection. Gift the deep rich essence of luxury to loved ones. Elegant by ENVY presents the freshness of summer with vibrant notes that remind one of the pedigrees of French perfumers that have led to the formation of one of the most spellbinding perfumes of its times. Understated, yet instils confidence. Elegant is a great gift option this festive season.

Bewitch with a spicy top note, subtle hints of musk and a mystique in character, and Enchant with a floral top note, marine accord and soothing base are two perfumes for women from ENVY that have become a staple for a high life styling kit. Perfect for every occasion, it lends sophistication, confidence and a playful fragrance that lifts up the spirits.

Whether it is a floral perfume or from families like aromatics, citrus, orientals, woods, mossy woods, soft florals, water/aquatics or more, ENVY’s scents have subtly blended fragrances that have been refined over centuries by experts. The essence of ENVY French helps you break free from the monotony of life, keeps you smelling fresh through the day.

Although due to lockdown and social distancing, there was a dramatic decline in deodorant usage, the curve is changing again. The most affected sections i.e. Gen Z and Millennials started using perfumes and antiperspirants infrequently. However, the casualization from clothing to personal hygiene is a trend that is now seen being directed to the exit door.

The pandemic hit the beauty and personal care industry with all its might and it was probably one of the strongest hit sectors. Essentially, perfumes and body sprays are traditionally correlated with social interactions, occasions, gatherings, professional settings etc.

ENVY has understood that it is important for individuals to protect their identity in every way they can and the people they interact with experience their tastes, choices etc. This is the single biggest driving factor to capture a changing demographic with rapidly evolving tastes. The desire to stand out with unique products means that the perfume they wear should also be unique or have a niche to it. ENVY’s signature perfumes are on track with that vein of thought.

The bedrock and parent company of ENVY, Vanesa Care has an array of diverse aromas and it also includes many other sub-brands which are also gaining recognition for their unique fragrances that have been highly acclaimed by the long-term consumers of the brand. Furthermore, Vanesa care also has pharmaceutical products, home care, personal care products in its catalogue. Saurabh Gupta, Director Sales and Marketing stated that “We at Envy are working hard towards creating a great experience for consumers and develop new offerings which are trending around the world.”

So, the festive season seems to be the right launchpad to carve a path for the resurgence of the sector. Choose the best pick for you from ENVY’s line of products.
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