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ART Fertility Clinics Collaborates with NDTV to Tackle Infertility Taboos through its Campaign – “Let’s Talk Infertility”

The ART Fertility Clinics chain has partnered with NDTV for a campaign to promote infertility awareness. For the first time in India, a chain of fertility clinics is taking the lead in breaking the silence around infertility.ART Fertility NDTVThe initiative seeks to offer useful information about reproductive treatments, the most recent developments and advancements in the reproductive space, and what to look for when selecting a fertility clinic for yourself. The purpose of the campaign is to inspire a large audience to end the stigma around infertility.The campaign comprises the Introduction Show, the Expert Show, and the Roundtable Show, all of which will be available in both Hindi and English. The campaign will also be featured on the most popular NDTV show “We the People,” where consultants from ART India will discuss infertility taboos.The Introduction Show will feature ART consultants, external consultants, and influencers from communities and platforms. The topics discussed will include infertility and assisted reproduction technology advancements.Expert Show features the international faculty of ART Fertility Clinics, who will discuss the latest fertility research and developments. This programme attempts to inform viewers about the most recent advancements in fertility treatment methods and procedures. The purpose of this seminar is to uplift and inspire those who are experiencing infertility.The Roundtable Show will feature ART India consultants who will discuss various topics related to fertility procedures and IVF. The show will provide valuable insights into the various aspects of fertility treatment, including the role of psychologists and counsellors, genetic lab and testing, and the latest research and publications around infertility. Dr. Somesh Mittal, CEO of ART Fertility Clinics, India said, “We are delighted to partner with NDTV to launch this campaign on Infertility. We believe that it is important to educate people about the latest developments in the field of fertility and what to look for when choosing the right fertility clinic. We hope that this campaign will help people make informed decisions about their condition and need.”Mr. Karan Kumar, Group Chief Marketing and Growth Officer of ART Fertility Clinics, added, “Through this campaign, we want to provide valuable insights about Infertility and educate people about the latest research and advancements in the reproductive field. We believe that this campaign will help people destigmatize Infertility and mainstream the conversation around it, encouraging more and more people to come forward and seek treatment for this condition.”This campaign is part of ART Fertility Clinics commitment to providing the best care to their patients and supporting them in their journey toward parenthood. The campaign is also a step towards To driving awareness around ART Fertility Clinics in India, the most successful brand globally in Infertility management and Human Reproductive Treatment.About ART Fertility Clinics ART Fertility Clinics has established itself as a global leader in Assisted Reproductive Technology and Human Reproductive Medicine. It is highly recognized worldwide for consistently delivering a pregnancy rate of 70% globally, amongst the highest in the world. This success has been possible because of its international expertise, clinical excellence, and relentless commitment to fundamental research, driving innovations, using cutting-edge technology, and building the best-in-class infrastructure that helps create proprietary protocols for patient diagnosis and treatment.ART Fertility Clinics commenced operations in 2015, with its first clinic in Abu Dhabi. It began its India journey in 2021. Currently, a part of Gulf Capitals portfolio of invested companies, the brand has 4 clinics in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Al Ain, and Dubai) and another 6 in India (Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Chennai). In addition, it plans to open 20 more clinics in India, other parts of Asia, and Europe within the next 18 months. To know more, visit ART Fertility Clinics website and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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