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Art Exhibition of Paintings by Revered Painters Kishore Pratim Biswas and Mithu Biswas from 18th April’23

Business Wire India The exhibition of the artworks of Kishore Pratim Biswas and Mithu Biswas on the unique concepts of “Freedom of Beauty” and “Chasing The Time and Horse in The Chess”, inaugurated by Mr. Parvez Damania, Chairman and Managing Director of Damania Airways, deals with the forms and expressions relished by the art lovers for years.

The art exhibition in Mumbai from 18th to 24th April 2023, featuring works of well-renowned painters Kishore Pratim Biswas and Mithu Biswas showcasing 36 paintings and offering a fresh outlook of form and content in a wide variety of subjects. Held in the Nehru Center, Mumbai, and inaugurated by the Chairman and Managing Director of Damania Airways, Mr. Parvez Damania and his wife, Mrs. Roshni Damania. The show would give painting lovers a rare chance to appreciate the paintings of the two revered artists that have already garnered acclaim nationally and internationally.

With a wide range of subjects, including steam locomotives, the beauty of women, butterflies, horses, time, and chess among others, these artists have shown great expertise. Their artistic approaches have drastically changed as their careers have progressed which has led to inspiring beautiful works in transition. Using these elements, the artist collaboration has created a wide range of feelings, starting from the use of colors to the use of lines. For an art lover, the Art Exhibition in Mumbai is a goldmine in every aspect.

Mr. Kishore Pratim Biswas’s unusual thinking process and painting technique were both bolstered by his year-long immersion in the current contemporary art movement. Kishore, was born in Kolkata and has loved painting ever since he was a kid. Kishore earned his B.F.A. from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 1997 and then came to Mumbai where he flourished further with his artistic endeavors.

The current exhibition features his “Freedom of Beauty” series where one can witness how the artist has captured the essence of beauty through fine brush strokes. The expression of magic reality comes alive with the fantasy of women. This is the first of a series that examines the fantasies about women. The paintings seem like a wonderful visual representation of a lady and butterflies. The feminine body is beautifully captured by the artist in all its seductive splendor. The artist depicted them in such a bewitching way that it was possible to discern their feelings, viewpoints, and thoughts. The visitors will truly discover that their body language and facial emotions carry a lot of weight.

According to Mr. Biswas, beauty is finest when it is unadulterated and true to its original form. It’s crucial to continually update the definitions of beauty. Once one has freedom, they are free to pursue whatever intrigues them. As there are no restrictions, color may be utilized as one chooses. The utilization of a wide range of primary colors makes the performance stand out aesthetically. Through Kishore’s brush, the butterfly painting produces breathtaking creations that make one admires its beauty.

With a focus on current and contemporary works, MITHU BISWAS has been working on different mediums of paintings for years. One of the most fascinating young expressionists now playing on the field. With her paintings, she incorporates novel concepts. She has always had a particular place in her heart for art. Seventh-year art student MITHU BISWAS has devoted her time to learning about contemporary and modern art. She is a talented new expressionist who ranks among the finest. She received a certificate in fine art in 2004 after attending the Government Institute of Art and Craft in Kolkata and later on, relocated to Mumbai.

The paintings by Mithu Biswas open a box full of wonders, vibrant and rich colors and eye-catching figures. Her two of the special series, Chasing the Time and Horse and the Chess are exhibited in this event. The stunning brushwork and variety of compositions in these two series, comprising of the horses, clocks and chessboard are simply alluring and gates leading to unworldly imagination. Giving an abstract form to concepts like the futility of carpe diem or politics is most easily done by the artist. Mithu rightly captures the essence of modern art in its full potential.

To really appreciate the exquisiteness of any of these artists’ works, one needs to visit these artworks virtually at least once. Missing this opportunity to visit this event would be such a waste for art lovers. 

To know more, visit www.artkishore.com and www.mithubiswas.com.

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