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Arjun Kilachand Opens a 2000 Sq. ft. Flagship Store at an Iconic Art Deco Firuzara Building Address in South Mumbai

Arjun Kilachand, one of countrys leading bespoke menswear bespoke brand unveils a new flagship store in the heart of South Mumbais epochal Queens Necklace. The menswear ceremonial design house, which is one of the most sought-after brands in Indias luxury space, embarks on a new retail chapter by opening an immersive and experiential store (approximately 2000180 square feet in size) in the heritage Art Deco building located between at the iconic Matralaya and Cooperage Garden junction. at Nariman Point.Designer Arjun Kilachan at the launch of his new flagship storeComplementing Arjun Kilachands distinctive style lexicon, the stores facade and interiors were treated with a monotone sandy palette for his larger-than-life creations to do all the talking. Understated but never overpowering. Warm and approachable but never intimidating. The skillful usage of a joint less in-situ flooring and wall texture allows the whole space to feel uninterrupted and unified. Arjun further used earthy elements such as stone, jute, copper, walnut wood and glass throughout to keep the vibe constant.materiality constant. Every rack, mirror, item of furniture and light were all designed by Arjun in collaboration with several different design agencies to make sure each piece would be truly unique. Staying true to his core ethos of understated elegance, the store exemplifies contemporary minimalism and lets the creations be the storytelling subjects. On this occasion talking about the stunningly realised decor, designer Arjun Kilachand sharesed, “This unique flagship experiential store complements my brands DNA in totality. For instance, the mono tone palette hue scheme and material palette is artfully derived from the brand logo and colours. We created a navy blue faade with a rose gold logo spanning across it, and then proceeded to use copper metal throughout the space to resonate with the rose gold colour scheme of the brand.” While designing this sprawling and immersive shopping experience, every element was carefully inculcated to emit the core values of the brand. For instance the monotone palette on the floor & ceiling. The flowing rack that meanders throughout the retail space was inspired by the principle of fluidity – an embodiment of my Arjuns sartorial flair and symbolism. Moreover, the extrapolation of corroded metal in the racks slightly evokes how clothes go through wear and tear yet remain of sentimental value to us. The metal finishes were deliberately corroded to put the spotlight on the ihandcrafted indian & western ensembles r beauty despite the weathering.Talking about the challenges he faced while designing the space, Arjun shares that the space was originally divided into numerous small rooms and felt congested when he first visited it. Hence he decided to tear apart the whole space, to create undivided natural open & fluid space. as many walls as he could and to open up all the windows that were previously blocked. The core objective was to make it feel as uninterrupted and naturally lit as possible.”I enjoyed creating interesting pieces of furniture and cladding that were not only a representation of the brand, but also depictive of my own personal aesthetic. For example, we clad an entire area of the store in jute pillows inspired by the Indian jute textile work. We further created furniture out of the same jute to really make visitors experience unique moments as they walk through the space,” quips Arjun. He also designed and created a coffee table and a tall unit for fabric samples by combining smooth glass surfaces with rough textured rocks. This was done to showcase the juxtaposition of heavy and light, of clean and textured. – all the different levels in embroidery techniques used by the brand.As you waltz into this first-of-its-kind store, youre likely to get instantly transfixed by the corroded metal reception table. Turn left and walk past the meandering fluid racks that showcase Arjuns handcrafted creations. The racks turn up and down, wrap around custom solid wood mirrors, and create a sense of flow that allows each visitor to walk along and experience each bit of this evocative retail experience. The racks continue in towards the right side followed by a fitting room. As one proceeds further, one can make ones way towards a lounge space to comfortably sit and view fabrics. Every insignia infusing life into this space was custom designed, from the sofa to the coffee table and even the lights. The left side series of frames was actually made by Arjun where he experimented with burnt paper and splattered paint to showcase how art can be cleverly engineered to create unique pieces. The further left of the reception houses the pantry and the store, and as As you continue walking you can experience the jute clad accessory corner, which can be converted into an instagramable area for pictures. The workspaces and Arjuns cabin flank the area behind the reception and have a separate entrance.e from the back of the store where all the washrooms are located.A chic crossroad where heritage meets refined rarefied luxury. A bridge between the past and the present. An initiatory journey into the history of Mumbai and Arjun Kilachands exemplary atelier. A multisensorial haven where ideas and influences collide, fantasies shape up and creations come to life when worn. The warm and welcoming interiors of this abode whisper Arjuns luxe-lit aesthetic codes without divulging his sartorial secrets.

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