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Anystr Aims to Revolutionize Local Retail Business and Become a Retail Solution for India’s 800 Billion Retailers’ Marketplace

Anystr.com, a leading retail management platform, works towards helping local retailers to get in sync with their customer’s expectations and fulfil their requirements. The venture is a brainchild of a dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Ratul Sethi. The brand has grown immensely under his leadership and intends to break records by setting a new bar of success. Anystr.com reflects Mr. Ratuls passion for technology and his understanding of the sector has led Anystr.com to become a retail solution for Indias 800 billion retailers’ marketplace.

Anystr offers retailers with assistance across various verticals like an online platform web presence to their customers, real-time inventory to manage the store inventory without any hassle with a simple inventory management system, online billing with payment gateways, delivery schedule or express delivery, online order management to manage the orders and counter sales. The brand is all geared up to introduce itself with a fresh new perspective and a profitable approach towards the retail industry now. Anystr.com is also coming up with a khata system that will help the retailer manage customer khata directly from the app with WhatsApp payment reminders.

Ratul Sethi, Founder, Anystr

Commenting on the business, Mr. Ratul Sethi Founder, Anystr said, “The retail sector is currently disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and with complete lockdown many retailers were rechannelling their energies to the virtual space and endeavouring to establish their business digitally as per consumer preference. Physical stores opening and the fear of trying used items has created a panic amidst people, thus making it a concrete factor in altering the consumers’ buying psychiatry and behavioural pattern.”

He further added, “These times have led to an increase in the demand for online shopping and inspired us to come up with contactless access to customers’ retail needs while helping in minimising the spread simultaneously and respecting social distancing. We are further collaborating with the local shop in the area to widen its range of products online and hence paving its own path to shoppers’ hearts.”

With Anystr.com, one doesn’t need to physically go to the local shop as the order and re-orders can be placed without any interaction/visits to physical stores. It is an easy and user-friendly interface similar to most popular delivery apps. The focus of the brand is to offer the best services online and as per user’s convenience as it provides them with an easy-to-navigate portal for all their retail requirements. There is no need to download one more app amongst a million others, customers can just scan the QR Code and a link pops up on the browser. The customers will be able to pay on the spot or can opt for COD via their mobile, further making the order secure and reliable.

The brand also intends to revolutionise the 800 billion dollars Kirana marketplace of India as it is disjointed with organisational structure going up to only 1 per cent. Anystr.com plans to undertake the structure and digitise the unstructured business establishments to prepare the industry for the coming times with Anystr’s future-forward vision. Anystr.com, in the near future, is also strategising to take the initiative to train and make the small business owners aware of digitisation and automation. The brand believes this will aid the business leaders in increasing their venture’s efficacy by simplifying order management and further helping them expand their footprint.

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