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Amaryllias Farmland – India’s First Tech-Based Online Platform for Managed Farmland Ownership and Portfolio Diversification

Business Wire IndiaAmaryllias Farmland is a new tech-based online platform which allows one to have ownership of managed farmland from anywhere in the country and also monitor its operations remotely. Amaryllias Farmland offers a great opportunity to diversify one’s investment portfolio to a physical asset offering greater returns over a period of time. The investment enables passive income and good returns on exit. And one also gets to enjoy the authenticity of the farmland connecting them to the local people and farm life.

With this online investment platform, one can get the benefits of direct ownership without needing the agriculture expertise to choose the right deals or the scale to buy an entire farm.

Managed Farmland is the best alternative physical asset investment offering competitive returns, consistent appreciation, and pretty low levels of volatility. Amaryllias Farmland as an asset class is ideally suited for retail investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. The small entry ticket size makes it more interesting.

Upbeat on the launch, Mr. Manuj Terapanthi, Co-Founder Amaryllias Farmland said, “This is a much-needed solution of the hour as depleting farmlands are a cause of worry and people consider its management a liability due to which we have been witnessing a large number of sales for these land holdings over the years. Investment in farmland shall impact the farmer community. And, we have a strong belief, every farmer and every acre of land matters. Your commitment today shall build a future sustainable food system and your investment shall impact the farming community in a positive way.

The idea behind the concept is to help people come back and enjoy the farm life away from the hustle and bustle and also manage it for them. This is a major pain point, we have tried to address with Amaryllis Farmlands. We have a team of experts who survey the land to buy or invest in depending on multiple factors like clear paperwork, soil quality, availability of water, connectivity, and other such crucial factors. Through this, our idea is to help anyone sitting anywhere in the country own a piece of land and regularly monitor its growth through our propriety tech platform. Our process is completely automated and requires you to have no prior knowledge of farming or related practices to own a land or manage it. If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, this is a best option as it ensures competitive returns with low volatility.”

In India possession of land is considered one of the greatest assets but off late due to large scale migration of people to cities and urban areas for jobs, better opportunities, due to which these landholdings stand neglected and lacking management on behalf of the family these are put for sales. As land holdings are becoming scarce it has also led to depleting farm-holding and agriable land size. But with the advent of Amaryllias Farmland, all this will undergo a change and farmland holding will get a new lease of life. Aimed at building a sustainable future, Amaryllias Farmland is a new way of connecting one to farmland through its ownership. It is aimed at empowering the farming ecosystem and turn one into an Agropreneur allowing one to build a simultaneous income.

Amaryllias Farmland aims at creating positive social impact and shift agriculture to net-neutral for greenhouse gas emissions. Currently with a farmland project in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan with just Rs. 60 sq ft which includes both land and its management cost. The tech-based disruption through Amaryllias Farmland aims at solving challenges being faced by Indian agriculture sectors like small landholdings which results in low produce therefore lower returns, lack of knowledge on best agriculture practices, and poor supply chain which impacts profitability. The aim is to revolutionize and modernize agriculture and landholdings.

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