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Air Pollution Inside Your Car can be Detrimental to Your Health: Reffair introduces a Reliable Solution

Air Pollution has been escalating over the years and we’re all cognizant of the dire situation. However, are you aware that the pollutants present in a car can be way higher and more harmful than what is present outside The inside of your car contains a concoction of extremely harmful air pollutants like dust particles, allergens, nitrogen dioxide (emitted by vehicles) and TVOCs (released by paint, leather & plastics). These deadly air pollutants act as a cause of severe health issues such as respiratory problems, allergies, skin problems and many more that can deteriorate your physical wellness over time. Such pollutants may be invisible but they’re present everywhere in abundance, especially inside your car – a place where several people spend a majority of their time.

AX30 – Desktop

A dreadful condition, isn’t it Well, an effective solution to curb the adverse pollution in your car is to invest in a quality air purifier. An efficient air purifier would remove pollutants from your car thus eliminating the risk of serious health issues.

However, to reap the benefits, it is essential to get an air purifier for your car that not just performs but delivers. Before purchasing an air purifier, there are few things you should keep in mind:

Tested and Certified: As we can’t view or determine the air quality through our naked eyes, how can we decide whether an air purifier is doing its job properly It’s therefore imperative to invest in a tested and certified air purifier.

The Cost & Affordability: Look out for one that fits your pocket and your car perfectly. Besides, it’s also essential to consider the filter replacement cost that ideally should not be very high.

Purification Methodology: It’s suggested to invest in an air purifier that contains an excellent quality HEPA filter, at least of H13 grade. This is because the air purifiers or Ionizers without HEPA filters are considered to be less effective.

Add-On Features: Look for additional features like the aromatherapy function. Invest in a car purifier that offers both purity and fragrance. Well, who wouldn’t like a fresh lingering smell

Ticking all the boxes of ‘must-haves’, Reffair AX30 and its variants Air, Max and UV are the ultimate trios that are reasonably priced and are designed to cater to the needs of people of all classes. Comprising the H13 grade HEPA filter, AX30 is tested for purification performance, thus it is sure to deliver an immaculate performance that makes it the perfect purity partner for your car.

Moreover, Every AX30 box comes with an Aromabuds tablet & Aromabuds pads.

Aromabuds tablets are perfumed tablets that are available in three distinct fragrance options- Lemon Blossom, Blushing Raspberry and Blue Waves. All one needs to do is place a tablet inside the air purifier to avail an aromatic environment of freshness and vitality.

Aromabuds Pads allows you to develop a custom fragrance of your choice. By just pouring a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the pad, the air purifier will release your personally favored aroma that would last for weeks. Both of these unique features help you in getting an experience beyond the ordinary. They let you enjoy your favorite fragrance and stay fresh while on the go.

The daily commute can be tiresome and long driving hours can increase stress levels. In addition, frequent headaches, sneezing, fatigue and skin problems are other common symptoms that indicate you may not be breathing pure air. Ignoring these symptoms can result in serious health issues in the future. Therefore, it’s essential to use a car air purifier to steer clear of health problems and to gear your way to a healthy life and drive.

With its distinct products and cutting-edge technology, Reffair puts an end to your pollution worries, offers a refreshing environment and provides you with clean air in your car that everyone deserves to inhale. Compact in size but huge in deliverance, AX30 is the ultimate car air purifier that offers purified air that is just a click away.

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