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ActiveAlpha Capital Delivers Gains of 28.6 percent in the 1st Half of 2021 after Gains of 32.4 percent in 2020

ActiveAlpha Group is pleased to announce its international fund – ActiveAlpha Capital – delivered returns of 28.6% in the 1st half of 2021 for its global clientele. This performance in US$ is net of all fees and currency effects. The Fund’s benchmark delivered returns of 15.6% in US$ for the corresponding period (excluding any fees) thereby registering an out-performance for the Fund of 13% in the six-month period. In 2020, ActiveAlpha Capital returned 32.4% in US$ beating its benchmark by 18.5% for the calendar year.

ActiveAlpha Capital is an investment fund focused on generating superior returns for investors over the medium to long term. ActiveAlpha Capital is committed to capture the India opportunity by investing in publicly listed companies in India. This is achieved by investing in high-quality companies trading at a discount to their intrinsic value and helping these companies improve the quality and trajectory of their earnings. ActiveAlpha only invests in market leaders led by high-quality and ethical management teams operating in sectors with high return ratios. These companies typically have a long runway for growth, distinct competitive advantages, substantial free cashflows and solid balance sheets.

The team follows a fundamental based investment approach seeking out companies on the verge of multiple catalysts to grow their earnings. The team identifies opportunities where the hard asset value, liquidation value or some-of-parts value of the entity exceeds the value of the public security. The team also works with the management teams of investee companies to unlock value for shareholders through improvements in the operating performance of the business. This provides an opportunity to create value through active dialogue, coaching and monitoring of the company’s activities. It also helps mitigate risk by preventing poor capital allocation decisions, unnecessary expenditure or strategic miss-steps due to lack of adequate oversight.

ActiveAlpha uses a contrarian approach and times of volatility to invest in target companies at attractive entry prices. Mr. Raghav Kapoor, Managing Partner, ActiveAlpha Group, said, “We are pleased with our performance that has delivered this consistent outperformance relative to our benchmarks. Our focus has always been on excellent companies that we believe the market is undervaluing for a variety of reasons. By identifying these companies and in many cases working with the management teams, we are able to generate outsized returns for our investors. As the number of listed companies is significant while those that receive meaningful research coverage is still minimal, we believe we have a long runway to identify and invest in rapidly growing high-quality publicly listed companies.”

ActiveAlpha Group (www.activealphagroup.com) is planning to expand its presence in local markets and has been seeking distributors to source clients for its fund offerings. If interested in the ActiveAlpha Partners Program, please contact: management@activealphagroup.com.

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