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‘Aa Bhi Ja O Piya’ Mints a Magnificent Rs. 19.25 Crore Gross in Two Weeks at the Box Office

We have seen a paradigm shift in Indian cinema with content-rich movies getting glory in Bollywood. Surprisingly, small-scale movies are getting accepted by the audience, and big-budget movies are failing to leave a mark on everyones mind. The recent release Aa Bhi Ja O Piya is a primary example that has impressed the audience and the critics. The film starring Yaariyan Actor Dev Sharma and South beauty Smriti Kashyap has done a brilliant business in two weeks.Aa Bhi Ja O Piya PosterAa Bhi Ja O Piya was released on October 7 on 600 screens across India. After a successful first week, the movie went on to do decent business in its second week. The two weeks collection of Aa Bhi Ja O Piya went past Rs. 19.25 crores gross at the box office. Well, it is a positive sign that such a low-budget Hindi film is smashing the box office with limited screens.In its first week, Aa Bhi Ja O Piya grossed Rs. 12.10 crores in India. Based on the rural Indian setup, the movie is a simple love story of a city-educated guy named Kaushal and a girl named Kalpana. The duo meet each other when Kalpana visits a village in Jharkhand for a research tour with her mother. What happens next is a series of twisted incidents along with an important message about conserving the environment.Kudos to the captain of the ship Rajesh Harivansh Mishra as he has beautifully shown the village ritual of protecting the trees. The Director has kept a balance between the romantic tale and a power-packed message about afforestation. “Through this film, the viewers will know about the ancient tradition of protecting trees and how our ancestors kept mother nature in its pristine form,” the Director said.Apart from this, the extraordinary box office numbers have left producer Binay Mehta spellbound. He said, “We did not imagine or had a target of hitting a certain number while making the film. But I was sure that Aa Bhi Ja O Piya would find its audience even with a limited release. It is great that such films are being made and accepted by movie-goers.”In addition, the film is also produced by Shambhu Mehta, Umesh Rana and Anand Mathur. Made under the banner of Johar Entertainment, the makers are ecstatic with Aa Bhi Ja O Piya doing terrific business at the Indian box office.

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