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4 Reasons why Bajaj Finance FD is a Good Investment for Senior Citizens

The age of retirement, for many, means the end of working, and the end of a stable income source. As a result, financial planning takes priority, especially when deciding where to invest. At this stage, the main goal for investing as a senior citizen should be to minimise risk and secure positive returns. One such investing avenue that perfectly meets this checklist, while also safeguarding your savings, is the Bajaj FinanceSenior Citizen Fixed Deposit. With the right issuer, the FD is a safe and steady investing solution.In fact, the Bajaj Finance FD is a particularly smart choice because of the current FD interest rates on offer. As a senior citizen, you can get up to 7.45% p.a., which is an additional 0.25% over the base rate offered. So, if you’re looking to invest wisely, earn generously, and incur minimal risks all through, this senior citizen FD is the right choice. To know more about the features of the Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD, read on.Multiple payout options allow you to meet varied financial needsWith Bajaj Finance, you get to opt for a cumulative or non-cumulative Senior Citizen FD. Both of these options cater to different financial objectives. For instance, if you have an objective you intend to meet in 5 years, you can opt for the cumulative Bajaj Finance FD and invest accordingly. This way, you get the full benefit of interest compounding and can achieve your financial goals in an efficient manner.Alternatively, you can choose to receive your returns either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. For senior citizen investors, this route is also a wise option as it helps you set up a steady stream of income. Such an approach can help, especially if you need to supplement your monthly budget and address day-to-day expenses without any worries. So, whether you need funds for monthly expenses or every few months for other obligations, non-cumulative FDs are a viable option.To help you better understand what you can expect to earn, consider an FD of Rs. 3 lakh with a tenor of 44 months.Payout modeInterest RateInterest Earning (In Rs.)Total Earnings (In Rs.)Monthly7.21% p.a.79,3103,79,310Quarterly7.25% p.a.79,7503,79,750Half-yearly7.32% p.a.80,5203,80,520Yearly7.45% p.a.81,9503,81,950All of the above-mentioned results were computed using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator. Flexible tenor and competitive interest rates give better returns and steady growthThe interest rate you get on the FD depends on the tenor you choose. Ideally, opting for a longer tenor helps you get the highest FD rates on offer. With a Bajaj Finance FD, you get up to 7.45% p.a. with tenor options ranging between 12 and 60 months. Long-tenor FDs are the better choice when you want to maximise your returns. This is because you enjoy the benefits of compounding interest. To help you understand the difference, here’s a comparison of an Rs. 3 lakh FD booked for a tenor of 33 months and 44 months.Investment amountTenor (In months)Interest RateInterest Earning (in Rs.)Total Earnings (in Rs.)3,00,000447.45% p.a.90,4313,90,4313,00,000337.00 % p.a.61,3493,61,349Simple digital investing provisions make laddering a lot more efficientLaddering is an investment technique where you split your investment into several FDs with varying maturity dates. This way, you can invest as per your financial goals and reap the benefits at the time of maturity. Moreover, laddering your FDs helps you enjoy greater liquidity during the entire investment window.As such, you don’t have to prematurely withdraw your FDs in case you need funds urgently. To make laddering efficient, you need to be able to invest with ease. Thankfully, you can invest in a Bajaj Finance FD online in a few simple steps. Simply fill the form, choose your investment terms, and book the FD online.Loan availability against FDs helps in emergency situations without losing returnsA key benefit of this senior citizen FD is that you can get an emergency loan against your investment at any time. You can get a sanction amount of up to 75% of the FD value and you get these funds without disrupting your investment. This eliminates the need to prematurely withdraw your FD and lose out on earnings.Considering these benefits of the Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD, ensure that you invest wisely and in a way that complements your financial objectives. Among the most notable features is that this FD is among the safest in the market. In fact, Bajaj Finance is among the most credible issuers. The FD has been assigned the CRISIL ‘FAAA’ and ICRA ‘MAAA’ ratings, both indicating that your money is safe and you will get your returns on time. So, invest online in a Bajaj Finance FD, reap the benefits of the generous interest rates, and secure your golden years with ease.

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